Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Good Government vs God

Over the weekend we were up in the New Hampshire wilderness at a B&B, but I still couldn't get too far away from the events down south. Up there I heard from one individual that all the problems with looting and the breakdown of civil society was caused by a "loss in faith", faith in God that is.

I am really tired of religion (or lack of religion) being used by right wing apologists to explain all the evils of society. The problem is the person from NH wasn't a right wing nut. Frank Rich said it best, this is a result of faith based propaganda used by the government to squash all debate. Unfortunately many average Americans are under the spell. The current republican leaders all want to sweep inconvenient facts under the carpet, and their war against science is a symptom of this - and it has to stop. And now even the most ardent supporters are now asking questions (see the clip now before Fox forces ifilms to pull it). Even David Brooks. I hope that we'll learn from this tragedy. Faith is not enough. Government does play an important role in society, and starving the Government of resources can lead to chaos in times of desperation. We must hold those in charge responsible - why is the President saying that Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, is doing "a heck of a job"?? As the New Orleans Times-Picayun states in it's open letter to the president - the guy should be FIRED.

Somehow I'm not optimistic.