Friday, September 23, 2005

Seed Magazine

About a year + 1/2 ago, I crashed at Jan's place on the Upper Upper West Side.

On his coffee table I found the most extra-ordinary magazine entitled Seed. This publication's moto was: Science is Culture. In it were articles from Daniel Dennett and E.O. Wilson. I was hooked.

I pulled out a postcard and subscribed to it. After about six months, I received a letter asking for my subscription dues. Jan had warned me that it took Seed Magazine forever to send his bill and then even longer to get his first issue. I mailed my check and waited.

Then this past week, Chris Mooney was all over the place promoting his book The Republican War on Science. We even saw him give a reading at Porter Square Books two days ago (see yesterday's post) where he was introduced as a correspondent for Seed Magazine. Jenni joked to me that we should go up and ask him about our subscription.

So what did we find in yesterday's mail? Our first copy of Seed. . Unfortunately we went to a concert at the NEC and didn't have the time to read anything in it, but this issue does looks good.