Friday, September 09, 2005

What went wrong

Interesting radio shows on WBUR (NPR in Boston)'s Here and Now.

In the first interview, Dr Yossi Sheffi, a professor of engineering systems at MIT discusses the differences between organizations that survive and fail during crises. The bottom line is the organization's culture. Rapid exchange of information and an awareness of the ongoing events helps a lot. Another key aspect is flexibility. Dr Sheffi points out that often the best decisions are made by people at the front lines.

But of course competence in important too.

In the second interview, Jeremy Caplan from Time Magazine goes over research about Michael Brown's (head of FEMA) resume. My oh my! Read the Time Mag article for all the details.

And finally this incompetent fool was fired reassigned. I hope that the government will operate less like a country club and more professionally (full of WELL TRAINED EXPERTS). Again my expectations are low, but the Brown dismissal is a good start (I guess I was too optimistic).