Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cephalopod Movies

Wow what a weekend. I'll write a bit about it tomorrow.

But last week, spurred on by the news of the first filming of a live giant squid (18 meters long!) I went hunting for the elusive video across the www ... but no luck. Well at least I can point you to the article where this observation was published.

But wait ... here are other cephalopod videos:
- An octopus eating a shark!
- Cuttlefish videos from Richard Ross who's trying to raise and breed these fantastic creatures, to read more on his valiant attempts read this article.
- One thing that those cephalopods can do well is camouflage. Watch this incredible video of a camouflage octopus on marine biologist Roger Hanlon's webpage. Then watch these movies of octopuses disguised as corrals and rocks, walking around the ocean floor. And here is a previous post on cuttlefish research.