Wednesday, October 19, 2005

David Suzuki - Canadian Icon

If you grew up in Canada at any period between 1970 to 1990, seared on some corner of your brain is a photo of the geneticist, environmentalist and TV personality David Suzuki. He is so loved and well known, he was recently nominated for "The Greatest Canadian".

Growing up I remember watching his show "The Nature of Things", a program that aired on CBC. Similar in format and content to PBS' Nova, the Nature of Things was a great show and I suspect had a greater viewership (as a % of the population) than Nova ever had. Well in yesterday's NY Times Science section there is a great profile of Dr Suzuki - although contrary to certain statements in the article, I think that many Scientists from the True North Strong & Free have great respect for his tireless work of educating the population. Perhaps if the US had more personalities who were Scientists, instead of having these ID debates, we could foccus the public's attention to other issues ... like global warming.