Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"The Fashion Journals" or "The Holy Trinity"

Andy (another Rapoport postdoc) and I had a mini debate as to whether Nature, Science and Cell should be referred to as "The Fashion Journals" or "The Holy Trinity". Many institutions of higher learning informally require a tenure-candidate to "get into" one of these publications. In addition many hotshots can get crap into these journals - like trendy bars, once you've made the hotshot list you can come back anytime you want.

Let's evaluate these titles:

"The Fashion Journals" is self explanatory.

But there is more to the "Holy Trinity".
  • Nature being the oldest, would have to be The Father.
  • Since Cell was started by Ben Lewin, a former "Nature" guy who was upset by the other two biggies, and who then "walked the earth" to start his own journal and save science publication, Cell is definitely The Son.
  • That would make Science the Holy Ghost. Since it's a non-profit and the "poorer cousin" of the other two journals, it is fundamentally different thing - just like The Holy Ghost.

  • Not bad. OK so we're not as witty as some ... but we do keep ourselves amused.