Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Hour Follies

There has been an ongoing "friendly rivalry" between our lab and the neighboring lab. When ever it's one lab's turn to host the weekly happy hour, it usually advertises it in a way that ridicules the other lab.

This week it was our neighbor's turn. However instead of mocking us their poster's title was: Want Avian Flu? followed by a picture of a virus, followed by a + sign, followed by a picture of a chicken followed by "= chicken wings".


We then decided to post this poster next to their poster ...

From: John XXX
Sent: Thursday 10/20/2005 8:11 PM
To: XXX Lab
Subject: Happy Hour
>>> John,
>>> We have a problem, one day left, no theme for
>>> happy hour, we're screwed.
>> Dear Lab,
>> Don't bother me with this crap. By the way I need a place with window
>> seats to eat dinner on Friday. Someone make reservations.
> Dear John,
> The situation is critical, people are going to starve, and we need an idea
> quick. You're not coming to happy hour?

Dear Lab,

Happy hour? A Harvard big-shot PI like me has better things to do on a Friday night. Chicken wings are cheap these days - build your happy hour with that - think of a good reason why we should eat chicken wings - and please MAKE YOUR POSTER APPEALING! Why aren't our posters ever as good as those from the Rapoport lab???

You're doing a heck of a job. Don't bother me about this again,