Monday, November 07, 2005

France is on Fire

Well if you're not American, you probably know all about the chaos that is going on in France. You know about the two kids electrocuted by accident while hidding from police officers, who relentlessly target the minority youths in empoverished French suburbs. You know about the riots, the words of the Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, the and now 10 officers injured in the latest clash. From the BBC:

One man killed
4,700 cars torched
1,200 people arrested
17 people sentenced
108 police and firefighters injured
Figures as of 7 November

Of course some idioblogs think that this is "terrorism", "Islam" or "Islamofascist". If you want to know what is the cause - just look at the Watts County riots here in Uncle Sam's backyard.

One question that I have: Why isn't this story being reported in the US?