Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving dinner talk & outsourcing

Last night we had many coworkers over for a thanksgiving food orgy. Everything was great, although it took forever to cook our 27lb turkey. We had many things to celebrate. One coworker just got a paper accepted into a big journal. Another coworker is leaving us to start his own lab on the west coast. At dinner the talk drifted from work to my blog, then to outsourcing science, then to how some scientists who used to be communists act like capitalists, and finally how there is one lab head at Harvard Medical School who's already outsourcing all of his fly work (i.e. creating and maintaining mutant fly strains). Apparently the NIH does not fund any outsourced science work (yet).

Since today's post was already written for me, our guests then suggested a couple of entry titles, the only one that I can recall is "Some scientists are more equal than others".