Friday, November 18, 2005

What a week

Well this week was a mixed bag.

My microinjection experiments were painful due to the fact that the needles kept braking and that Hela cells are just hard cells to microinject (see a pic of injection bellow). These days of pain may explain the outbursts on previous posts.

While collecting the data from these injected cells, NPR had a report on Peretz, the new leader of the labor party in Israel. My day was a bit brighter. Then I listen to how the Democrats and moderate Republicans got their spine back. Hmm the week seemed not so bad after all. And then I realized that these painful injections have given me the results I've been hopping for. I guess that makes today's post cheerful. This ended in watching giant papier-mache puppets advocating for an overthrow of the government.

And just like the puppets, we're headed to NYC for the weekend. So things are looking good.