Friday, December 02, 2005

Cool things for Friday

Nature has something on Synthetic Biology, in cartoon form.

Someone from Seed Magazine alerted me to this new toy they have (now available to the public), called Phylotaxis. Speaking of Seed Mag, check out their Podcasts.

Here is an interview with the author William Gibson. Here's a link to his blog where he gives a link to this great movie clip from 1946 (Tall Medstudent, you'll love this one!) on how to tell whether you're community is under the influence of despotism.

Here are incredible (and fun) movies of Listeria monocytogenes infecting tissue culture cells from Julie Theriot's Lab.

If you missed it, here's a link to the Picower Institute's inaugural seminar (not too interesting, according to coworkers that watched it).

My Dad keeps on getting his letters published in the Montreal Gazette and Time Magazine.

And a coworker sent me link to this crazy site ... Creationists looking for pterosaurs??? Look at the map (right) of possible pterosaur migration routes from Noah's Arc to present day sightings. We weren't sure whether this was a hoax or the real thing. Fellowship University? (as one blog pointed out it's initials are FU). The site is quite extensive and the links (as far as we can tell) are legit. But it's too wacky. It has a great kidz page. Wikipedia lists this organization (Objective Ministries) as a parody.