Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New NIH Grant for Postdocs: K99/R00

The official title is the NIH Pathway to Independence (PI) Award (K99/R00). Note the use of the initials "PI" in the grant title ... very cute. This new grant was announced by the NIH Jan 27th. Here is the link.

Key points (from the NIH website):
The Pathway to Independence Award will provide up to five years of support consisting of two phases. The initial phase will provide 1-2 years of mentored support for highly promising, postdoctoral research scientists. This phase will be followed by up to 3 years of independent support contingent on securing an independent research position. Award recipients will be expected to compete successfully for independent R01 support from the NIH during the career transition award period. The PI Award is limited to postdoctoral trainees who propose research relevant to the mission of one or more of the participating NIH Institutes and Centers http://www.nih.gov/.

It is anticipated that 150 to 200 PI Awards will be issued for this program in the initial year.

Because the nature and scope of the proposed research will vary from application to application, it is anticipated that the size and duration of each award will also vary. The total amount awarded and the number of awards will depend upon the number, quality, duration, and costs of the applications received.

Applications must be submitted on or before the receipt dates described at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/submissionschedule.htm

The average age that an independent investigator get his/her first R01 grant (NIH biomedical research grant) is 42! Translation: junior faculty are having a hard time getting money. This initiative by the NIH will help out young postdocs get funding to help them finnish up their postdoctoral work and to help setup a lab at a period in their life when it's traditionally hard to get an R01. Hmm sounds familiar. Everything you need to know about this funding resource can be found here.