Monday, February 13, 2006

More Media

No, not he type used to feed cells (or gradstudents), but webcasts, podcasts and films.

First, Robert Write has an interview with Edward O. Wilson at his site meaning of life tv (which incidentally has lots of great interviews). I like Wilson's take on the difference between Science and all other human organizations ... IDers take note. [From the Gene Expression blog.]

Next Science magazine finally got it's act together and are now producing a weekly podcast (a little more in the style of NPR than Nature's podcast). Interestingly they us a piano riff (between segments) that's yanked off one of my favorite albums, Medeski Martin Wood's Notes from the Underground. [For MMW fans, this is their first and only TRUE jazz album before they did hokey techno-infused pseudojazz - to get a feel of this album listen to this clip.]

Finally I saw a great movie, Cache ... it's comprehendable if you do see it keep in mind West/Middle East relations and the Iraq war. To read more (including a spoiler) see my analysis at the Cache website.